Enrolment and Timetable Clash Checking

This simulation will demonstrate enrolment through the Queen's University Student Information System (Qsis). It will also cover how to check for timetable clashes within Qsis.

You can go through this simulation by either clicking the areas suggested or by pressing the return (enter) key on you keyboard.


  1. To add classes you must first display the academic requirements for your programme of study.

    If you have already been pre-enrolled you will see classes listed under My Academic Year -2012/13 Class Schedule. Do not choose these classes again.

    Click the Search by My Requirements button.   Step 1
  2. You can choose to display all the detail or hide the detail. You will generally wish to see the detail as it provides guidance on course selection. Click the green detail button(s) to see or hide detail.

    Select a course by clicking on the description link.

    Click the Perspectives on Politics link.   Step 2
  3. You will be taken to the textual detail of the course. You may need to scroll down to see the days/times of the classes for the term.

    You will see the Check for Clashes button. If not pre-enrolled, IGNORE THIS BUTTON FOR YOUR FIRST CLASS. There is no point checking for clashes unless you are on at least one class already or have one in your shopping cart. In this example the student has not been pre-enrolled on any classes.

    Click the scrollbar.   Step 3
  4. Within each course there will be one or many classes. For example, many Queen's clases have a lecture and a tutorial.

    Select a class. In this example we will begin by selecting the Lecture (LT01 - LEC). Once we have selected this class we will be asked to choose a tutorial.

    Click the Select button beside LT01-LEC.   Step 4
  5. In this example there are 17 tuturials to pick from.

    Click the View All Sections link to see the information for all the tutorials.   Step 5
  6. We will choose tutorial nine (TT09) on Wednesday morning.

    Click the radio button.   Step 6
  7. Click the scrollbar.   Step 7
  8. Click the Next button.   Step 8
  9. Review your choice and, if satisfied, click the Next button to confirm.

    This will add this course, and the classes you have selected, to your shopping basket.   Step 9
  10. PAI 1007 had been added to the Shopping Cart. We strongly recommend you do not proceed to Step 2 of 3 immediately. You should continue to add courses to your Shopping Cart until all your courses have been added and you are satisfied with your timetable.

    Note you can choose to delete courses from your cart using the dustbin icon.

    Click the Search by My Requirements button.   Step 10
  11. Click the scrollbar.   Step 11
  12. When you are enrolling yourself you should always select all compulsory courses before choosing optional courses.

    For the purposes of this simulation we will only be demonstrating enrolment on Autumn courses therefore not enrolling on PAI2009.

    Click the Show detail button.   Step 12
  13. Select your second course.

    Click the Contemporary Europe link.   Step 13
  14. We are now going to check to see if any classes clash with other classes. This feature can also be used to check which tutorial time and day suits best.

    Click the Check for Clashes button.   Step 14
  15. A new Pop-up window will open. It will show you visually the following types of classes:

    Dark Blue - modules fully enrolled
    Light Blue - classes in Shopping Basket
    Green - classes that do not clash in the current course selection
    Orange with exclamation marks - classes in the current course selection that clash with existing choices or enrolments

    It can display Autumn, Spring or Full year sessions You can switch between the sessions.

    Each class will have the weeks it is taught e.g. wks 2-6, 8-12.    Step 15
  16. Click the scrollbar.   Step 16
  17. At the bottom of the screen there is a key to the types of classes e.g. TT for tutorial and LT for lecture.

    Below the key any clashes will be explained. In the example below the student will be able to choose this course as long as they do not choose TT05 or TT06.

    Once a class is full or closed it will not display on the clash checking screens.

    Make a note of the class names you wish to select and then click the Close button or navigate back to your other window.   Step 17
  18. Click the scrollbar.   Step 18
  19. Click the Select button.   Step 19
  20. Click the tutorial you have selected.

    Click the radio button next to the TT04 option.   Step 20
  21. Click the scrollbar.   Step 21
  22. Click the Next button.   Step 22
  23. Click the Next button.   Step 23
  24. Your second course has been added to your Shopping Cart.

    Click the scrollbar.   Step 24
  25. We are now going to add a third Autumn course.

    Click the Search by My Requirements button.   Step 25
  26. Click the scrollbar.   Step 26
  27. Click the Show detail button.   Step 27
  28. Click the World Politics: War and Peace link.   Step 28
  29. Click the Check for Clashes button.   Step 29
  30. Click the scrollbar.   Step 30
  31. Check for clahes again.

    This time there is only one open Tutorial (TT06) that should not be chosen.

    Click the Close button.   Step 31
  32. Click the scrollbar.   Step 32
  33. Click the Select button.   Step 33
  34. Click the radio button next to TT04.   Step 34
  35. Click the scrollbar.   Step 35
  36. Click the Next button.   Step 36
  37. Click the Next button.   Step 37
  38. We are now going to enrol on these 3 courses e.g. move them from the shopping cart into our class schedule.

    If you forget to do this you WILL NOT be enrolled on your selected classes.

    Click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.   Step 38
  39. Click the scrollbar.   Step 39
  40. Review your choices and click the Finish Enrolling button.   Step 40
  41. You will recive a tick or X for each course you have selected. In ths example, alll classes have been successfully added.

    Click the My Class Schedule button to view your schedule. If you are enrolling through the Wizard you may need to go to Student Centre to view Class Schedule.   Step 41
  42. Click the Weekly Calendar View option to see the timetable visually.

    Please note many tutorials/practicals/seminars are not held in the first week(s) of term.   Step 42
  43. Click the Next Week >> button.   Step 43
  44. In this example you may have noticed the single tutorial on a Wednesday. It is possible the student may wish to change this.

    To change a class once enrolled, click the Edit button.

    Clash checking is also available in Edit mode. Edit should also be used for switching out of virtual classes to classes with timetabling information. Your School will inform you if this is required.

    Some classes may require School consent to change classes.   Step 44

This completes the simulation on enrolment and clash checking. Please note the following:

A) Students should select all their courses e.g. 120 units for full time undergraduate students - typically 60 credits in Autumn and 60 in Spring.

B) Students will not be able to enrol on full classes. Select another class.

C) Where two primary classes clash e.g. two lectures, students will not be able to select both courses.

D) Clash checking is for display purposes only. The system will not stop you from adding classes that clash to your shopping cart. However, when you try to add clashing classes to your schedule you will receive an error message.

E) Classes in your shopping basket do NOT guarantee you a place. Only when you complete steps 2 and 3 will you be enrolled on the course. If you wish to guarantee a place on a particular class (e.g. tutorial on a day that suits you best) you must make sure to enrol fully before you leave Qsis.

F) Some classes require two classes to both be added to the shopping basket before selecting step 2 of 3. These are usually classes where the Spring class follows on from the Autumn class.

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