Changing classes within a Course

This simulation will show you how to change (Edit) one class for another within the same course.

For example, if your School has enrolled you on a Virtual Tutorial with no timetabling information they may ask you to pick a tutorial that is date/time specific. This allows you to pick a class that suits your timetable and on the days you choose.

In many cases if you do not pick a tutorial yourself you will be allocated one by your School.

You can go through this simulation by either clicking the areas suggested or by pressing the return (enter) key on you keyboard.


  1. Login to Qsis at

    Click the Self Service link.   Step 1
  2. Click the Enrollment link.   Step 2
  3. Click the Enrollment: Edit a Class link.   Step 3
  4. The classes you can edit will be displayed in a drop down list.

    Click the Select from your schedule list.   Step 4
  5. Pick the course you want to edit.

    Click the LAW 3002: Evidence list item.   Step 5
  6. Click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.   Step 6
  7. The classes that can be changed on the selected course will be displayed with your current enrolment highlighted by the radio button.

    Click the scrollbar.   Step 7
  8. You may need to click the View All Sections button to see all the classes.

    If you are unsure which new class to pick, you can view them visually against all your current enrolments and shopping cart.

    Click the Check for Clashes button.   Step 8
  9. A new Pop-up window will open. It will show you visually the following types of classes:

    Dark Blue - modules fully enrolled
    Light Blue - classes in Shopping Basket
    Green - classes that do not clash in the current Edit course selection
    Orange with exclamation marks - classes in the current Edit course selection that clash with existing choices or enrolments

    It can display Autumn, Spring or Full year sessions. You can switch between the sessions.

    Each class will have the weeks it is taught e.g. wks 2-6, 8-12.

    Click the Close button.   Step 9
  10. Click the the radion button by the TT03 option.   Step 10
  11. Click the Next button.   Step 11
  12. Click the Next button.   Step 12
  13. Click the Finish Editing button.   Step 13
  14. You will receive a tick or an X in your result. If unsuccessful, the reason will be provided e.g. class full, class permission required, timetabling conflict etc.

    If you wish to edit another course click the Edit button again.

    If you wish to view your Class Schedule click the My Class Schedule button.   Step 14

You have now completed the simulation.

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